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Seychelles Wildlife Artist Ron Gerlach

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The soporific tropical heat, calm turquoise sea lapping coral sand beaches and the welcome shadows cast upon the sand by the lazy leaning palms, drew us to the Seychelles islands in the Sixties. A paradise for young dreamers seeking artistic inspiration far, far away from civilisation. My wife, Gill, and I set up the first craft studio on the islands at a time when the only way to visit the islands was by ship. Our speciality to begin with was batik beachwear and paintings. Our subjects - the dazzling fish that inhabit the coral reefs and the amazing birdlife - inspiration for us and a fascination for our young son, Justin.

For twenty years, through the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles we also dedicated all our spare time to conservation of the environment and the species that so inspire our artistic work. It was also a time of role-reversal when Justin taught us the science behind all our endeavours.

I invite you to browse through this web-site. You will find here the examples of my artistic work in both batik and watercolour. The subjects are the exotic wildlife of the forests, the shoreline and the sea.

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